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Do Any of These Describe You?

  • Self-Employed Business Owner
  • Work for an Employer and Also Self-Employed
  • Contractor or Receive 1099(s)

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Program Highlights

  • Mortgages That Don’t Require Tax Returns
  • Use ONLY Bank Statements for Proof of Income
  • Loan Types:
    • Home Purchase Mortgage
    • Rate/Term Refinance Mortgage (lower payment, get out of hard money, etc.)
    • Cash Out Refinance Mortgage (debt consolidation, business loans, etc.)

Self-Employed mortgages (also called Bank Statement mortgages, Stated Income, or No Income) don’t require self-employed  or 1099 customers to use tax returns.

After the market crash over a decade ago, there was debate over what constituted responsible lending. Lenders only wanted to entertain the most cookie-cutter situations. Because of this, business owners were penalized when brilliant accounting saved thousands in taxes. 

For example, let’s say you’re self-employed or 1099/contractor and make $100k. Then let’s say you reinvested $40k of your saved money back into the business. You effectively, with most lenders, may reduce your mortgage eligibility…by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Write-offs can cause someone who realistically qualifies for $500k to only qualify for $200k—or worse, not qualify at all. Or what if you already own and want to consolidate debt or access home equity?

When a lender reduces your income, you lose opportunities.  

Alternative programs, such as Self-Employed mortgages or Bank Statement mortgages (aka Stated Income or No Income mortgages) are great solutions because lenders don’t use tax returns to calculate income. They don’t ask for ’em, they don’t need ’em. They make sense of the world and recognize an enormouse fact: when you’re self-employed or 1099/contractor, you plain and simple have different tax rights. Having different tax rights doesn’t mean you should be penalized. It means you need different options. We know how to help.

Keep your write-offs, still get a mortgage.

Commonly Used Self-Employed Mortgage Terms

  • Bank Statement loan
  • Bank Statement mortgage
  • Bank Statement home loan
  • Bank Statement refinance


  • Business Owner loan
  • Business Owner mortgage
  • Business Owner home loan
  • Business Owner refinance


  • Self-Employed loan
  • Self-Employed mortgage
  • Self-Employed home loan
  • Self-Employed refinance


  • No Tax Return loan
  • No Tax Return mortgage
  • No Tax Return home loan
  • No Tax Return refinance
  • 1099 loan
  • 1099 mortgage
  • 1099 home loan
  • 1099 refinance


  • No Income loan
  • No Income mortgage
  • No Income home loan
  • No Income refinance


  • No Doc loan
  • No Doc mortgage
  • No Doc home loan
  • No Doc refinance


  • Stated Income loan
  • Stated Income mortgage
  • Stated Income home loan
  • Stated Income refinance

We Have Mortgage Options Others Don't

Proudly serving
CA | FL | GA | NC | SC

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