2 Dos and 1 Don’t

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2 Dos and 1 Don’t


  • Find Confidence & Comfort in your mortgage professional—and stick with them!
    1. A good mortgage professional is much more than a rate quoter. When shopping for a hat, it makes total sense to find a retailer quoting the lowest price for the same exact hat. But you’re not financing a hat, you’re financing a home. Make sure your mortgage professional is knowledgeable about the multiple lending options available and discusses the right ones for you. There’s much more to consider than the lowest rate. Interest rates are an expense with loans but definitely not the only one. Some mortgages have lower rates but much higher initial and long-term cost. Lending isn’t rocket science but working with the right company could save you thousands of dollars—beginning day 1 of your new mortgage—or cost you the same amount!
  • Talk to your mortgage professional early!
    1. Whether refinancing or purchasing, the starting point is a conversation.

      What are the benefits in refinancing? Can I qualify for the home I want? What’s the best way to structure my new mortgage? How much cash can I receive from a refinance? How much money do I need to purchase? How much do I qualify for?

      If there’s a large benefit in refinancing, wouldn’t you like to know immediately? The worst that can happen from a meaningful conversation about your current mortgage is having actual numbers to use for your final decision. Knowing is better than not!

      If you’re thinking about buying a home, wouldn’t you want to know how much it’ll cost and how to qualify? The worst that can happen from a meaningful conversation about buying a new home is you’ll be more prepared to buy. It’s never too early to be prepared!


  • Don’t limit yourself!
    1. Working with a broker instead of a lender allows you better options. Why? A lender offers only their programs and rates, while a broker has access to many lenders and can offer all their programs and rates. Unless you enjoy contacting multiple lenders or them contacting you (over and over), leave the work to the brokers. You’re a busy person. You shouldn’t have to learn the mortgage industry and talk to multiple companies to determine who has the best options…it turns out there’s already a profession for that! Nile Mortgage has relationships with the nation’s top lenders to provide the best solutions and we take the work off your plate. And the best part? It’ll cost you less than going directly to the lender!

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